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Sparks, NV

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At Reno Carson Lumber, we have a large selection of exterior siding and trim.

LP Smart Panel & Lap Siding

7/16 4x8 Soffit Text.

7/16 4x8/9/10 Text.

5/8 4x8/9/10 Text (Subject to Availability)

7/16x6” -16’ Lap Text.

7/16x8”-16’ SA Lap Text.

7/16x12”-16’ Textured

7/16x12”-16’ Smooth (Hardboard)

12x48 Random Shake 

Weyerhaeuser/TruWood Hardboard Siding

7/16 4x9 ¾” Grv 8” OC (Subject to Availability)

1/2x16-16’ Double 8

1/2x16-16’ Triple 5

1/2x16-16’ Quad 4

1/2x16-16’ Channel Lap (Subject to Availability)

10-1/2-16’ Shake Lap (Subject to Availability)

LP Smart Trim 

4/4x2-16’ Textured

4/4x3-16’ Textured

4/4x4- 16’ Textured

4/4x6-16’ Textured

4/4x8- 16’ Textured

4/4x12- 16’ Textured

5/4x4-16’ Textured

5/4x6-16’ Textured

5/4x8-16’ Textured

5/4x10-16’ Textured

5/4x12-16’ Textured 

James Hardie Panel/Shake (Primed)

5/16 Text. 4x8/9/10

5/16 8” OC 4x8/9/10

Straight Shingle

Staggered Shingle

Half Round Shingle

Hardie Lap & Soffit (Primed)  

5/16x5-1/4 Text. Lap 

5/16x6-1/4 Text. Lap 

5/16x7-1/4 Text. Lap 

5/16x8-1/4 Text. Lap 

5/16x9-1/4 Text. Lap 

5/16x12 Text. Lap 

DF Resawn Siding

3/8 Plain Select 4x8

5/8 Plain Select 4x8/9/10

5/8 8” OC Select 4x8/9/10 

James Hardie Trim (Primed) 

4/4x3x12' Textured 

4/4x4x12' Textured 

4/4x6x12' Textured 

4/4x8x12' Textured 

4/4x10x12' Textured 

4/412x12' Textured 

5/4x4x12' Textured  

5/4x6x12' Textured 

5/4x8x12' Textured  

5/4x10x12' Textured 

5/4x12x12' Textured 

Primed Combed Wood Fascia Trim 

1x2 = 16' 

1x3 = 16' 

1x4 = 16' 

1x6 = 16' 

2x2 = 12' 

2x4 = 16'/20'

2x6 = 16'/20'

2x8 = 16'/20'

2x10 = 20' 

2x12 = 20'